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Reggae Musician:Bunny Wailer Buried After 3 Months After Death


For Rege lovers the name Bunny Wailer is not new as they remember his songs as
Redemption Song, Rise and Shine, Is This Love and other hit.
So, Wailer, a Jamaican national, died on March 2, this year, but his body
was detained in a mortuary for lack of a funeral certificate following a huge debt bill
The funeral of Wailer who passed away at the age of 73 was held yesterday, Friday at
an event attended by families only following the strategies put in place by the Government of Jamaica to control the virus
of Corona.
However, the ceremony which took place at the home of the late Dreamland areas in Jamaica
was displayed on social networks.
Wailer was the only founder of the Wailers Group that remained after other founders,
Bob Marley and Peter Tosh passed away in 1981 and 1987.
The body of the deceased has been detained in the mortuary for lack of a certificate of
funeral following a huge hospital bill debt.
It is alleged that the family of the deceased had a dispute with the music company that wanted them
to sign a contract so that they can repay the hospital debt.
The children of the deceased were able to repay the hospital debt at the end of April and start
funeral activities