Home News Wanajeshi Wa Urusi Waishiwa Mahitaji Muhimu|Russian Army Lacking Essential Needs

Wanajeshi Wa Urusi Waishiwa Mahitaji Muhimu|Russian Army Lacking Essential Needs

COMMUNICATIONS between Russian troops have been leaked as they have been heard complaining that their leaders are running out of basic necessities, including food and fuel on the battlefield, as well as protesting against an order to stop beating Ukrainian civilians.

It is reported that the voices of the soldiers, who were communicating using their communications equipment, were intercepted by the British intelligence company ShadowBreak where one of the soldiers was heard crying in the interaction with their superiors.

The Telegraph newspaper claimed that it had listened to the communications’ voice where a soldier was heard raising his voice to the right, questioning them about their basic needs and ordering them to start attacking civilians.

The paper points out that this is evidence that Russian troops have lost direction on the battlefield, where word-of-mouth disputes indicate that the military is not at peace with their commanding officers.

The founder of ShadowBreak Intelligence Company, Samuel Cardillo, told The Telegraph that his teens had managed to capture the conversation through special communication antennas.

“What we have found is that there is no consensus on the communication of the Russian Army. “They do not know what is going on and what their fate is and they do not know how to communicate properly,” Cardillo was quoted as saying.

He added that, in the communications they have seized, the Russian military is heard insulting and verbally abusing each other, which indicates that they no longer have the morale to continue carrying out attacks as ordered by their leaders.

He further added that the communications they had seized were a clear indication that there was a war crimes committed by the Russian military, with their leaders ordering them to attack unarmed civilians, a violation of human rights.

Among other allegations that Russian troops have no morale to continue fighting Ukraine are allegations made by a senior US security official who, in an interview, was heard to say that they have evidence that some Russian troops have been deliberately destroying tanks and their war chariots by piercing oil tanks, in order to find a reason not to continue the war.

ShadowBreak goes on to say that some Russian soldiers have been heard blaming their leaders for being told that it would not be difficult to capture Ukrainian cities but that they had met with strong opposition.