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Small House Plans

one bedroom house plan

If you’re looking for a cozy and intimate retreat, a 1 bedroom and 1 bathroom small getaway cabin might be just the thing for you. This type of cabin is perfect for couples or solo travelers who want to escape the stresses of everyday life and reconnect with nature.

The cabin’s compact size means that it is easy to maintain and keep clean, and it is also more affordable than larger cabins. Despite its small size, the cabin can still offer plenty of modern amenities, such as a full kitchen, comfortable living area, and a cozy bedroom with a comfortable bed.

The bathroom is typically equipped with a shower, sink, and toilet, and may also include a small washing machine and dryer. The cabin’s interior can be designed to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere, with rustic wood finishes, comfortable furnishings, and soft lighting.

Outside, the cabin can be surrounded by beautiful natural scenery, such as forests, mountains, or lakes. It may also include a small deck or patio area where you can relax and enjoy the fresh air and stunning views.

Overall, a 1 bedroom and 1 bathroom small getaway cabin is a perfect choice for those seeking a peaceful and intimate retreat in nature.

The complete architectural plans for a cozy 1 Bedroom and 1 Bathroom small getaway cabin are now available. This traditional and affordable cabin has an open layout with ample natural light in the living room and dining space. The plans are suitable to be handed off to a builder or architect for building or modifications, and can be built on any plot of land.

The plans include a detailed Materials List, Floor Plans, Elevations, Roof Plan, Electrical Plan, 2 Foundation Options, Roofing Details, and Door/Window Schedule, which are fully dimensioned and annotated. The cabin has a total heated interior of 670SF, with a high vaulted ceiling, a large porch, and an optional fireplace. The foundation can be built with a crawl space or on a concrete slab.

Since there may be variations in building codes and regulations in different states and local building departments, these plans are not intended for immediate permitting. However, they can be adjusted by your builder or designer if needed to meet the local requirements.

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