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SMALL HOUSE DESIGN | 7.5 X 9.5 Meters (24.5 x 31.27 ft) | 3 Bedroom with ROOF DECK

This article provides an overview of a small house design measuring 7.5 x 9.5 meters (24.5 x 31.27 ft) and featuring 3 bedrooms along with a roof deck. The layout and features of this design are tailored to accommodate the needs of a small family or individuals seeking a compact yet functional living space. The inclusion of a roof deck adds an outdoor element to the design, offering additional space for leisure and relaxation.

With a focus on efficient use of space and modern aesthetics, this small house design presents an innovative approach to comfortable living within a limited footprint. The layout and amenities of the house cater to the practical requirements of a small family, providing a balance of privacy and communal areas. The roof deck further enhances the design by offering an elevated outdoor space for various activities, making the most of the available area.

By exploring the details of this small house design with a roof deck, readers can gain insights into creative solutions for optimizing living space and integrating outdoor elements into compact living environments. The article delves into the practical and aesthetic considerations of this design, offering inspiration for those seeking innovative housing solutions.

This House Plan have :
– Living Area
– Dining Area
– Kitchen Room
– 2 Bedrooms
– 1 Bathroom
– Roof Deck

The simple house design you’re sharing sounds practical and functional, offering three bedrooms and a well-designed bathroom within a house size of 7.5m x 9.5m. The ground floor layout includes a living area, dining area, kitchen room, two bedrooms, and a bathroom, providing a comfortable living space for a small to medium-sized family. The inclusion of a roof deck adds an appealing outdoor space to the design. If you have a video with a free floor plan and 3D exterior and interior presentations, it would be a helpful resource for those interested in exploring this concept further.

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