Three Bedroom Elevated House Concept

If you are looking for a bit more space and elevated bungalow house concept, Agustin model is the right design for you.

Traditional look is still preferred even this modern days, specially in the provinces as it is more attractive to them due to some complexity in the roof design. This house concept uses gable roofs with four faces of A-shape. Using long span pre-painted coloroof, this house design is vibrant due to its bright roof color.

With the garage situated at the front middle, it can be re-purposed as a porch area or outside receiving area when it’s empty. A place that can be used for informal gathering or small celebration.

The porch area however, is elevated with four steps or at least 600 mm from the garage floor. Small couch can be accommodated here or some wooden furniture can be placed for sitting.

Opening the main entrance is the living room where the size is 5.3 meter by 4 meters, on the left side is a 4 by 4 meters dining area. Master’s bedroom is just opposite the living area at the top with walk-in closet, en-suite toilet and bath and small dresser.

At the left side is another bedroom with area big enough for 2 occupants. At the top, when looking at the plan is the common toilet and bath and the kitchen. Further to the rear is the service area that can be used as dirty kitchen or laundry.

With a total floor area of 144 square meters, this house concept can be erected standing alone or single detached with a 300 square meter lot having a frontage width of 17 meters.


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