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Small House Design in 90.7 Sqm with Functional Roof Deck

Every person needs a home to live in, as it is a crucial requirement for survival. A well-designed home is essential to ensure the comfort of the family living in it. It is important to own a home design that meets your requirements and has the necessary functions. This will help in estimating the costs involved in building the house and prepare all the necessary needs accordingly.

If you are looking for ideas for a home design that is both beautiful and functional, you can check out Small House Design in 90.7 Sqm with Functional Roof Deck. This design comes with a house plan and offers maximum functionality while also being aesthetically pleasing.

The house has a single floor and covers a total area of 90.7 sqm, divided into details of 9.4 m x 9.65 m. The facade wall is adorned with natural rocks, giving it a cool and natural appearance. Additionally, large glass windows are used in several corners of the house, which not only adds to the style but also prevents the house from looking monotonous.

Typically, a porch is used for functional purposes such as relaxation or to create a small garden space. However, despite having a small porch, this design features a spacious roof deck that can serve as a functional alternative. The deck can be utilized as a specific area for your liking, such as a relaxation space.

Moreover, the design of the outdoor stairs adds to the overall attractiveness of the building’s appearance.

Moving inside the house, there is a small living room that has been designed with a simple yet stylish look. The use of a plain sofa with a slatted wall creates an interesting and not overly complicated combination. The slatted wall design eliminates the need for additional decorations, making the space appear more minimalistic and modern.

The open plan concept is particularly advantageous for smaller homes as it creates a more spacious and less cluttered appearance. However, not all rooms can be combined in this way. In this design, the kitchen and dining areas have been combined, which works well. The addition of large windows allows for plenty of natural light to enter the space, making it brighter and providing an interesting view.

The master bedroom area features a more diverse color scheme, yet it still complements the other interiors. The built-in wardrobe in the room is modern and designed to create a simple and neat impression.

The bathroom in this home design is modern and well-organized. The use of transparent glass partitions creates a spacious and unobtrusive appearance. Additionally, the wall-mounted shower adds a simple and space-saving element to the bathroom.

In summary, the house features several rooms as depicted in the floor plan. The living room is located at the front of the house, followed by the dining room, kitchen, laundry area, child’s bedroom, master bedroom, and bathroom. Additionally, the house boasts a functional roof deck that serves as the main attraction.

Thank you for taking the time to read about Small House Design in 90.7 Sqm with Functional Roof Deck (Design with House Plan). We hope that the pictures and information provided will be useful to those seeking inspiration and ideas for small house design and planning. We wish you the best of luck in building your dream home and encourage you to share this article with anyone who may find it helpful.

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